Heartbleed and Making Changes


With the whole Heartbleed mess, many know by now that many web sites were compromised. While most affected have been patched (click here to see complete list), account holders have been encouraged to change their passwords. WordPress passed the Qualys, but a response is still pending as to whether or not vulnerabilities were detected; in any case, better safe than sorry to change passwords on the previous account that hosted my web site.

Sounds good so far, yes?

Well, yes, until I tried to log into WordPress with my new password – I kept getting error messages. Old password, same thing. I followed instructions to verify the account to change my password – about four times throughout the day, in fact – and never received a response.

Lucky for me, backup copies of the web site were kept, so signing up for a new account and transferring everything was easy, as was pointing the lannecarrington.com domain to this location.

You may also notice the links were updated. Several were either out of date, no longer worked, or I’ve lost touch with the site owners. The new list is shorter and up to date.

Now that things are once again in order, it’s back to business as usual. If and when WordPress makes contact concerning this site’s old location, it will likely be deleted.

The Book Shelf blog will likely be deleted as well; I’ll be posting Book of the Week on this site and my SEEN This Week column will continue to appear on both the Authors on Show web site and Authors on Show blog.


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