Book of the Week 5/5/14


Kevin Sullivan brings to life a rich details of World Wrestling Entertainment in his latest book, WWE 50 (BradyGames W DK, 2014).

A stellar publication for wrestling fans from all walks of life, WWE 50 offers behind the scenes knowledge of being the ultimate wrestling fan, true stories behind historical events, split from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and controversial events/personalities from past and present era.

I’ll be honest and say WWE 50 far exceeded my expectations; I’d prepared to read a glossed-over version of a tribute book, but became pleasantly surprised how in-depth and brilliantly written this body of work it actually turned out to be.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan or just discovered sports entertainment, this is the ultimate book complete with a plethora of high-quality photographs and information. While some is common knowledge among long time or “old school” fans, many other details are brought to light spanning from the 1970‘s all the way through the present “PG Era.”

WWE 50 bypasses its predecessor WWE Encyclopedia and is one of the most thoroughly researched and complied book to date. I recommend buying two copies – one for yourself and another for the wrestling fan in your life.

This is a definite “must have” book for any fan. $12.99 the Kindle edition and almost $19.31 for the hardcover book may appear pricey for some, but WWE 50 in either format is worth every dollar and then some. Don’t be surprised that this book becomes a collector’s item someday.


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