Speculative Literature Foundation Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants

The Speculative Literature Foundation




SLF Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants Writing Contest Web Site

Prize: $500
Entry Fee:

Information received via Freelance Writing


The Diverse Writers Grant will support emerging writers from impoverished or marginalized communities; this includes authors of color, LGBT writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, etc. The $500 will help the writer work on his or her writing project with less distractions or challenges due to their repressed social status.

The Diverse Worlds Grant will award $500 to a writer whose current in-progress work represents diversity, no matter the writer’s ethnicity or social status.

Writers can enter both grants and their projects can cover other subjects, not just on identity topics. The main criteria is writing that portrays complex characters, intricate societal landscapes, and solid literary style.

The judges want to hear from writers working on book manuscripts, story collections, or novellas.

To enter, writers will need to submit an application, a project description, a sample of fiction, and a bio.


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