Book of the Week 6/16/14


Picture having a great new book released in Kindle format but had less than ideal initial sales What could have possibly gone wrong? Chances are weak marketing strategies played more of a role than the book’s actual material.

So how can you reach a reading audience more effectively; better yet, accomplish such in less than thirty days? James Kern displays tried and true techniques in his book Kindle Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Kindle Marketing: 21 Ways to Promote Your Kindle Book and Get More Sales in 30 Days or Less (Amazon Digital Services, 2014).

From interest-grabbing book blurbs, taking advantage of countdown deals/free promotions, press releases and published articles among 21 different ways to market books, Kindle Marketing taps both commonly used and new horizons to reach potential readers.

I discovered a few glaring errors; nevertheless, Kindle Marketing is a good handbook for new and seasoned authors alike. The investment for such advice is also small…a mere 99 cents. Where else could you get good marketing ideas for such low cost?


ADDITIONAL NOTE: I will be taking off the next two weeks due to prior commitments and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday week. Pending any changes, the next book profile will be July 7, 2014. Have a happy and safe two weeks!


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