Kidman on Twitter, “Marie’s World” by Kristal McKerrington On Sale Today, and Other News

The week is already off to a running start on this final day of June 2014.



I apparently sold a couple more copies of Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star yesterday. The timing seemed rather odd since news Billy Kidman opening a Twitter account broke yesterday as well. Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but nevertheless show some love by giving him a follow.



Another reason why today is such an exciting day is the long-awaited Marie’s World by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend are now on sale at Waterstones, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Look for Marie’s World to be profiled on this blog in the near future once I’ve caught up on other books currently in my reading queue.


I’ve been asked about the progress of Rise, my latest book project. I’m happy to report things continue to go well and a couple new plot ideas came to mind this past week! It never hurts to keep note paper nearby in case one needs it, and the aforementioned idea is just one example why. The book is scheduled for fall release, but just an advance warning that the date could be pushed back closer to the holiday season. I’ll keep everyone posted as I receive updates.

While on the subject of books, just a short reminder that I will have a new profile of my latest reading posted next Monday, July 7.

Meanwhile, have a safe and happy holiday week. An advance Happy Canada Day to my neighbors of the North and a happy July 4 for my fellow Americans. Stay safe!


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