Book of the Week 7/21/14


Imagine suddenly receiving phone calls from someone “on the other side.” How would you handle such moments? Would you be happy, afraid, concerned?

Now imagine how citizens in a small Michigan town felt when they began receiving such calls. The bizarre contacts and how they drew media attention are told with remarkable clarity in Mitch Albom’s The First Phone Call From Heaven (Harper, 2013).

This novel may be a work of fiction, but its messages of fearless living, faith, sentimental moments, and the power of belief. It’s a well-written, original plot with an array of characters that display everything from skepticism to hope. Can hearing from loved ones in the great beyond be possible? The First Phone Call From Heaven doesn’t seem to rule out the possibility while telling a page-turning story likely to spark strong emotions in readers.

I loved this book; it brought both tears to my eyes and left me with an uplifting spirit with several feelings in between before I reached the final page. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an original story that’s inspiring and offers hope at the same time.


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