Book of the Week 7/28/14


There are expressions on not arguing with or angering writers because they often get their revenge in print.

But what impact can authors who spill many secrets in a novel have on their intended targets? Marie’s World by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend (Austin Macauley, 2014) tells the compelling story of damage from now-opened secrets, doing the right thing in spite of potential consequences, rebuilding shattered love, and the surfacing of long-repressed memories.

When Marie returns to her native Scotland from Los Angeles to rebuild her life after the thinly-veiled content of her twin sister Layla’s novel causes Marie’s life to turn upside down, she attempts to rekindle a professional and personal relationship with her partner Derek. Old memories and emotions return to haunt Marie, finding herself menaced by her ex-husband’s world – the only man she ever loved – and now her most dangerous adversary.

Marie’s World is a well-paced read with plenty of plot twists and keeps the reader wondering how things work out in the end. I won’t give away any spoilers, but there are quite a few things in this book I didn’t expect to see in the process of hoping Marie rises above the ashes created by the fallout of Layla’s novel. It certainly held my interest and may do the same for other readers.


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