Book of the Week 8/11/14


Early last month I profiled Rayne Hall’s best-selling book The Word-Loss Diet, which offered some effective self-editing tips.

Rayne has other books in her Writers Craft Series, including today’s feature Writing Fight Scenes (Scimitar Press, 2014).

I’m sure there are many authors who have gotten stuck when it comes to writing strong yet believable combat in novels. Writing such scenes appears to be a breeze until the actual moment it’s about to be put on paper.

Writing Fight Scenes is broken down by topic, making it easy to follow what best fights are suited for one’s particular story. I certainly could’ve used this book while writing The Cruiserweight Series, which contained several grappling moments. This will now be my go-to manual should I need any guidance in future fight scene development.

At $2.99 USD, Writing Fight Scenes is a small investment for bringing the perfect fight to life. This is especially an excellent guide for fantasy and sports fiction writers. Highly recommended!


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