Free Book Promotion and How IMAlive Can Help Those In Crisis


A section of my book Life Subject To Change covers the topic of my experience with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)and how I was treated for this illness.

To help raise awareness for MDD and other depressive disorders, I am offering Kindle downloads of Life Subject To Change free of charge August 13-17 with hope that my story will touch at least one person, motivate them to seek help, and not give up when certain treatments fail to work.


I’d also like to pass along a site link I found online earlier today for anyone who is either hearing impaired or cannot talk on the telephone for some other reason, IMAlive is a live online network using instant messaging for responding to people in crisis or considering suicide. If you need help, log on to the site and click the “Chat Now” button to talk with a volunteer.

Things may not appear such at present, but I can speak from experience that life does get better. There is no shame in asking for help; doing so can save your life.


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