Book of the Week 8/25/14


Addiction is a tough disease, be it alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs, food, or any other type. This illness can be even more devastating when it hits our teenage children.

Dr. Frank Lawlis offers an insightful guide to healing teens and their families in his acclaimed book Not My Child: A Progressive and Proactive Approach for Healing Addicted Teenagers and Their Families (Hay House, Inc., 2013).

From the back cover:

“My program involving family and home treatment is a strong and effective approach. This book will serve as a manual for parents and others dealing with an addicted loved one in the preteen and teenage years. Consider your involvement in this program an investment in your child’s health and well-being and in the future of your family.

“I will offer you an action plan so that you can apply this innovative approach in the real world. The process will require a concerted effort, some prayer, and a lot of love, as well as ample doses of tough love, common sense, and a willingness to face the consequences. You can love your child and hate the addiction that has tortured your relationship. . . .

“While this book offers no magic cure for the typical teen torment most parents encounter, I will offer specific and proven advice for the parent dealing with a preteen, teen, or young adult who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. I assure you, without hesitation, that you can get through this trying and sometimes heart-wrenching challenge. The experience may even teach you something valuable about yourself, your child, and the power of unconditional love.”

— Dr. Frank Lawlis

Not My Child gives a caring insight into how addiction is a very real threat to which even the most well-adjusted teen or stable family are not immune. Among many fine points, Dr. Lawlis gives us a look inside the teenage brain, coping tools for parents, and offering hope that the battle over teen addiction can be conquered.

This book is an outstanding resource to families dealing with an addicted teenager, offering more than just psychotherapy and 12-step programs. Not My Child digs into both internal and external aspects of how addiction occurs, options for effective treatments, and reassurance for parents to know they are not alone in their struggles.


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