Book of the Week 9/1/14


Another great resource for authors in Rayne Hall’s Writer’s Craft series deals with social media, Twitter in particular.

Twitter for Writers (Scimitar Press, 2014) covers topics on networking with readers and fellow authors, improving one’s writing skills, promote/sell books, discover book reviews, and much more.

Twitter for Writers shows effective marketing strategies, common mistakes utilizing Twitter and how to learn from them, spotting “fake” followers, stellar ideas on throwing Twitter parties, and having genuine conversations with followers. The aforementioned points are only a few offered in this practical yet easy-to-follow guide whether you are a seasoned Twitter user or still a novice.

At $2.99 for the Kindle edition, Twitter for Writers is a wise investment for authors seeking tried and true ideas to help get their own book marketing off to the right start. The book has only 219 pages, but certainly packs a punch. Highly recommended to keep among one’s “author resources” tools.


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