Book of the Week 10/6/14


For Hearing People Only: Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Deaf Community, Its Culture, and the “Deaf Reality” (Deaf Life Press, Third Edition, 2003) by Matthew S. Moore and Linda Levitan delves into commonly asked questions about deaf culture, its communities, and what is termed the “deaf reality.”

This book was included as part of recommended reading for an ASL course I’m currently taking; albeit some material in this book is a little outdated, it still gives general ideas what to expect in a still little-known culture.

Questions like proficiency in lip reading among all deaf people, using terms such “deaf and dumb” (an absolute no-no in today’s politically correct society), and things that bother deaf communities most about their hearing counterparts are among several topics outlined in an easy-to-follow yet fascinating read.

For Hearing People Only offers comprehensive information on history, opinions pieces, both socially acceptable and abhorrent behaviors among the deaf, myths and facts about deaf culture, and cultural differences between deaf and hearing worlds.

There are quizzes included at the end of each chapter, a good tool in grasping the book’s material. While usually geared toward Deaf Studies and ASL students, For Hearing People Only is a good resource for anyone who works with or knows someone who is deaf. Another good book to expand one’s horizons away from the ordinary world.


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