Book of the Week 10/13/13


Attention owners and fanciers of cats (or house tigers, as I call mine)!

Tomorrow is the official release day for Jackson Galaxy’s latest book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) (Tarcher, First Edition, 2014), which offers some spectacular ideas that are anything but run-of-the-mill kitty decor.

Book Description (courtesy Amazon):

The star of Animal Planet’s hit television series My Cat from Hell, Jackson Galaxy, shows cat owners everywhere how to make their homes both cat-friendly and chic.

Cat owners know the struggles of creating living spaces that are both functional and stylish for owner and cat. Don’t just go to your local pet shop and adorn your home with unattractive cat towers and kitty beds. In Catification, Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, and Kate Benjamin, of the popular cat design website, walk readers through a step-by-step process of designing an attractive home that is also an optimal environment for cats.

This gorgeously designed, full-color book includes more than twenty fun DIY projects, from kitty beds and litter boxes to catios (cat patios) that will be sure to make readers—and their cats—purr in approval.

Catification contains over 400 inspiring photos and illustrations of creating a cat-friendly dwelling sans the result of a tacky appearance from pet and novelty store bric-a-brac. This is neither a droning memoir nor lecturing cat care book, but one with fun and creative ideas to make living more enjoyable for both house tiger(s) and human(s).

With holiday shopping just around the corner, Catification also makes a great gift for the cat owner(s) in our lives, and pre-orders help support cat rescue. Everyone wins!


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