Book of the Week 10/27/14


Former Pittsburgh Steelers punter Josh Miller and co-author Shawn Allen chronicle their visits to 32 Steelers bars across the United States in Always a Home Game: Our Journey Through Steelers Country in 140 Days (St. Lynn’s Press, 2014), where they met an array of Steelers fans from all walks of life.

The Pittsburgh Steelers boast holding the top spot in fan attendance at away games in the National Football League (NFL), which has left many game commentators confused as to whether of not they are broadcasting a home game!

There is no question the Steelers’ fan base (widely known as Steeler Nation) is rabidly loyal to their team; all 766 of them across the US, in fact.

Miller and Allen give readers an inside look at many Steeler bars – including one located near Phoenix, Arizona that actually sells season tickets to sit at the bar or tables (I’d like to be present for those moments!) during Steelers season – game day get-togethers, the present lives of some former players, and fans’ jaunts across America to follow their favorite team.

I found Always a Home Game a fun, fast-paced, and delightful read, difficult to put down from the first few pages to the very last one. The book is written with style and can easily make readers imagine being part of the action or at least appreciate black and gold culture across many American cities.

Sold in hardcover for little over $13, Always a Home Game is a wise investment for oneself or the perfect birthday or holiday gift for the Pittsburgh Steelers fan on your list, especially ones on the move during NFL season.

Here’s hoping “yinz” have a happy black and gold journey!


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