Book of the Week 12/8/14


In another edition of the highly praised Writers Craft series, author Rayne Hall covers a topic that may draw the most interest from authors in Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes (Scimitar Press, 2014).

Rayne shares her extensive knowledge of writing, all based on personal experience. Each of the 20 chapters in split into separate writing/selling subjects, covering everything from how book covers, blurbs, promotions, and how authors connect with readers can make a difference between boosts in book sales and remaining stagnant.

Why Does My Book Not Sell? also discusses the most effective marketing techniques for social media, blogs, and web sites. While this book is mostly aimed at published authors, “newbies” to the ever-shifting world of authorship can also benefit from this little guide with its easy to follow yet practical advice.

I recommend both this book and others in the entireWriters Craft series for strong reference guides on writing – and selling – better books. The five-star reviews speak for themselves!


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