Book of the Week 3/2/15


Following the release of his first book, Playing with Fire, Theo Fleury collaborates with world-renowned therapist Kim Barthel in Conversations with a Rattlesnake: Raw and Honest Reflections on Healing and Trauma (Influence Publishing Inc., 2014).

Conversations With a Rattlesnake offers insights, important information, and how to develop positive self-awareness, and healthier relationships with others during the healing process from abuse and trauma. Powerful and entertaining at the same time, this book is written in conversational form between the two authors, given in a brutally honest and inspirational in open and vulnerable atmospheres.

Abuse and trauma are never easy subjects to discuss; many of us tend to close off that part of our lives, only to have them return to our conscience at unexpected moments (some of my previously blocked memories reemerged almost three decades after the actual traumas took place!).

Conversations With a Rattlesnake can be vital in our own healing and becoming new people as a result. It’s not light reading, but best for those ready to confront their past demons in positive and constructive matters.


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