Book of the Week 3/16/15


Spring is in the air, and the mood struck me to feature an erotica novel in this week’s book profile.

The Black Door (Black Door Series) by Velvet (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2007) is an arousing, sultry, sexy, steaming tale of a young attorney’s journey into a sexual playground that spills over from fantasy to real life…putting everything she has at risk in order to get her next fix.

The Black Door takes readers from the beginning of Ariel becoming bored with her sex life before a referral from an escort and the encouragement of her best friend, she visits a club for most elite women, The Black Door. There, her physical and emotional desires can be satisfied; no part of a woman is neglected at this club.

Titillating, scandalous, passionate, fast-paced, and brilliantly written, The Black Door’s erotic scenes make the far overrated Fifty Shades of Grey pale in comparison. Just make sure to have a cold shower ready to go after reading this excellent body of work.

Want to find more of Velvet’s steamy novels? Visit the Amazon page!


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