Book of the Week 3/23/15


It’s time to turn to a little humor mixed with memories of the crazy things some of our fathers tended to say with this week’s book profile, Pittsburgh Dad: Everything Your Dad Has Said to You by Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton (Plume/Penguin Group, 2015).

Book Description (courtesy of Amazon):

When Pittsburgh Dad debuted on YouTube three years ago, creators Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton little suspected their sitcom would receive more than sixteen million views and turn their blue-collar everyman into a nationally known figure. Illustrated with hilarious black-and-white photos, Pittsburgh Dad shares the best of the best, from rants about swimming pool rules to reflections on coaching little league to curmudgeonly movie reviews. With its heavy dose of nostalgia and pitch-perfect sensibility, Pittsburgh Dad will have readers laughing in recognition, especially those who love recent blockbusters like Sh*t My Dad Says and Dad Is Fat.

Pittsburgh Dad is based in, well…Pittsburgh, so anyone who either lives in the city, grew up in these parts, or visited at least once will likely get the humor. Just imagining reading pages in the local dialect style, and this book will have you laughing as much as the comedic situations outlined.

Pittsburgh Dad is light, fun, and brought back a lot of memories of my own father’s occasional crazy sayings – not to mention some family situations to which we can look back with amusement. If this book doesn’t put a smile on your face, chances are very few things will.

On a side note: Past and present episodes of the Pittsburgh Dad web series can be viewed at this link.


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