Book of the Week 3/30/15

Trauma Junkie

If you thought quality romance couldn’t be written by men, this week’s profiled book proves otherwise.

Tom Hobbs’ Trauma Junkie (Extreme Mojo Press, 2014) tells the story of “ambulance chasing” journalist Brooklyn, who has harbored a crush on Brian, a paramedic with his own long string of bad luck.

Anyone expecting the typical gooey romance in Trauma Junkie will be pleasantly surprised to see this book is anything but. Realistic scenes, intriguing story lines, strong writing, and characters that figuratively come to life are just a few strong features that keep the pages turning.

Be warned, however; there is a great deal of uncouth language and some violence, so Trauma Junkie wouldn’t qualify as light reading, to say the least. In any case – whether or not they are medical drama fans – will draw in readers from beginning to end.


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