#PerfectlyImperfect, NHL Eastern Conference Final, and Special Kindle Book Promotions


Friday the 13th is usually associated with bad luck, but who says good things can’t happen on this particular day? I can name at least two! Let’s start with author Harper Sloan holding her second #PerfectlyImperfect Facebook event on Friday, May 13. In light of this past week’s Paul Blake drama, Harper aims to bring back the social media movement that it is okay to not be perfect and to turn what happened this week into something that can motivate others to love themselves.

Share a photo of yourselves with the #PerfectlyImperfect hashtag and a few words of something you love/learning to love about yourselves. Photos can be anything from casual shots sans makeup, messy hair, walking the dog, at the gym, whatever you like!


Harper’s book Perfectly Imperfect is currently on sale for a perfectly low price of 99 cents.

Next on the agenda: Pittsburgh Penguins fans, unless you lived under a rock all week you’re already aware of our team advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. Game 1 against Tampa Bay kicks off in Pittsburgh May 13 at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Power Play cover

You’re probably wondering what the aforementioned have to do with a book promotion. I’m happy to announce that my current novel, Power Play, will be on sale at 34 percent off the original Amazon list price May 13-15. For anyone who hasn’t gotten a copy, this weekend is the time to take advantage of a special opportunity.

Yes, Power Play is a hockey-themed novel, but also features a “perfectly imperfect” female main character who isn’t a tall, willowy size 2 yet achieves success in professional hockey – on an all-men’s team to boot!

Success and self-love shouldn’t be measured in dress size…but how we perceive and motivate ourselves. I hope you join others in celebrating the great people you are.


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