The Latest: ‘On Ice’ To Be Released Fall 2016, ‘Power Play’ Notes, Broadcast 65, and Other News

I haven’t done a blog post for a while and have a little spare time to update everyone on current projects.

On Ice Cover

Let’s begin with the current status of my upcoming novel, On Ice: Power Play Book 2. The book is in editing stages as of this blog post and I received word earlier today that Palm Tree Books is aiming for a Fall 2016 release, likely around start of the 2016-2017 NHL hockey season. As was done with Power Play  last year, a pre-sale event is set to take place prior to On Ice’s official release.

Power Play cover

Other wonderful things happened this past month. As most of you are aware, my current hockey novel Power Play, became my first #1 bestseller in sports fiction upon its October 2015 release and spent nearly two months at #1 on Amazon’s hockey/sports fiction charts. That’s the longest any book of mine remained at the top spot since I began writing sports-based fiction books in 2009.

Power Play received mixed reviews of sorts on Amazon, but consider such novels aren’t everyone’s icing, so to speak. I’m proud of the book’s success and other directions which it is headed, which brings me to my next bit of news.


I recently had the honor of speaking with some well-connected people at Broadcast 65, a Pittsburgh-based elite media holding company that expressed interest in making Power Play into a film. Nothing is yet official, but I was offered a contract, sent a copy of Power Play to appropriate channels, and gave permission to make appropriate edits to ensure a quality big-screen endeavor. Stay tuned for additional updates as I receive them.

In the interim, I was impressed by Broadcast 65’s current projects and business model enough to become one of the company’s brand ambassadors. Former Trib Total Media sales director for CPU Mitch Belland of Green Bay, Wisconsin is charge of recruiting and hiring. Signing bonuses are being offered to new hires, so anyone searching for new opportunities may call (818) 650-1124 and leave a voice mail selling yourself in 60 seconds.

Broadcast 65 officially launched June 5. Not only have they secured financing for upcoming films The Penalty Box Occupant and DA COACH but also a local cable deal thanks to Aubrey Bruce. Special thanks also goes to Bob Kresson for helping get the aforementioned films in motion.

Visit their web site for the latest on more exciting things to come.

Alex from Worthy Book Club also contacted me about the possibility of Power Play being featured on their web site. Alex has followed my work for some time and we plan to speak further about the book and other opportunities.

On a final note, I am currently accepting bookings for summer and fall. Web and personal appearance requests may be made by contacting with “Book L. Anne Carrington” in the subject line.

Whether a reader or fellow author, I hope all of you are experiencing successes of your own. Here’s to a happy and productive upcoming summer for all!


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