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Marty’s World: Power Play Book 3 Coming in 2020

Drafted 62nd overall and in the second round by the Newark Fire at age twenty-two, Mairtain “Marty” O’Freel enjoyed respectable American Hockey Conference success, making playoff appearances during his entire fifteen-year career before capturing a Princeton Trophy championship with the San Diego Pacific.

Despite his lack of ‘elite player’ status and possessing below average looks, Marty had little trouble attracting considerably younger women for one-night stands, casual flings, and an occasional short-term relationship, yet each left him unfulfilled.

A career-ending injury urges Marty to consider new professional options, find someone to share his life, and start a family. Smitten from the first time he laid eyes on Harper Finnegan, Marty knew she was the girl he wanted to marry.

Harper never followed sports and had no idea who Marty O’Freel was when they met at a football-watching party hosted by her boss, San Diego mayor Philip Bisson. Bemused at first by Marty’s affections, Harper eventually returns the former AHC defenseman’s ardor.

The couple relocate to Pittsburgh after Marty is hired as an associate coach for the Rebels, but will their relationship withstand living in a new city?


A portion of Marty’s World sales will benefit the ShineALigh7 Foundation  to improve quality of life for children in need, mental health awareness, anti-bullying, and suicide prevention.



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